homestay rules

homestay rules

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Palm homestay rules untuk para guest homestay kami 🙂

House rules
1. No smoking inside the premise.
2. No party allowed inside the premise.
3. No additional guests without prior approval.
4. No drunk-drinking/non halal food inside the premise.
5. The use of confetti or table scatters, Sticky or Double Sided tape are not allowed within the premise.
6.Guests shall not be allowed to move the furniture in the unit without permission from the host.
7. Usage of in-house items are to be used with care, discretion and consideration.
8. Use of kitchen should only be for light cooking and should be cleaned up after usage.
9. Guests are advised to be considerate in their noise levels especially during late nights (after 12am).
10. Please switch off lights, air-conditioners, fans, electrical appliances and water taps when not in use.
11. Please close all windows and doors before leaving premise for your activities.
12. Please not to eat & drink in the room and living room to avoid spillage and attraction of ants.
13. Guests should be made liable for damages /loss of the items in the premise.
14. A set of keys consisting of house key, front entrance keys and key card will be given to guest. Home owner will also hold a duplicate set for security purposes.
15. All access card and keys must be returned upon check out, we will forfeit your RM200 deposit (as a penalty) upon check-out if your access card & key are not returned or if it is damaged.

Swimmimg pool rules:
1. Wear swimming attire ( No cotton and jeans )
2. Do not enter lift in wet condition
Bring your own towel and dry cloths
3. Do not bring food on swimming pool area

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